“Light” cardboard core

Winding support ideal for winding or unwinding

  • Possibility of specific coatings:
  • anti-slip,
  • P.E,
  • silicone,
  • cellophane,
  • water repellent,
  • M1 for buildings and public places.


  • graphic paper for high-speed
  • wrapping paper,
  • gift wrap, fine paper, kraft or testliner,
  • dielectric paper, cigarette paper, filter paper for corrugated cardboard, paperboard,
  • technical paper,
  • technical paper,
  • textile (crimped mandrel with crepe coating)
    wadding (tear-off mandrel),
  • nonwoven,
  • plastic film,
  • stretch film,
  • metallic film.
  • Customization
  • exterior, interior printing
  • edge printing,
  • notch,
  • slitting,
  • adhesive, for unwinding to the last cm,
  • drilling,
  • collage,
  • thread,
  • knurling,
  • embossing,
  • etc.

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